Blooming Spring in Korea

by - 23 April

Korea is beyond a doubt invitingly beautiful in any season. Besides the colourful autumn, it’s also the best time to travel to the country during the spring because of the fine and good weather.

The Korean peninsula has four distinct seasons and each lasts about three months. A relatively hot and humid summer with monsoon rains begins in June and runs until the middle of July. The pleasantly warm and sunny weather of autumn runs from September through November. The generally cold, dry and windy winter begins in December and goes until the end of February. Finally, the significantly wet and cool season of spring is in the months of March, April and May.

The season’s fading doesn't mean it’s the end but instead it's a hope for new beginnings. It's just like the transitioning of the snow-covered mountains into a flourishing sanctuary of flowers every the beautiful spring.

Cherry blossoms begin to flower welcoming the beautiful season of spring.

Springtime in Korea is considered by most people to be one of the best seasons in which it's worth to plan your trip as most of the lovely blossoms and buds start to grow and bloom along the roads, in the wide fields and on the mountainsides.

As beautiful as the color palettes of autumn, spring is as well treasured, as grass, plants and trees of different kinds sprout their leaves and burst into different hues of green, pink and red, especially if the cherry blossoms are in full bloom.

During the peak of spring wherein all the cherry and plum blossoms showcase their beauty and usually last only a week, people flock to the best spots and attractions to witness the white and cherry-pink blooms as some of the petals rain down to earth.

Spring flowers like forsythias, canolas and cornelian cherries border the streets, parks and villages in bright yellow, while the buckwheat sprouts and royal azalea blooms blanket the fields and great mountains with tints of olive and purple.

Another reason to enjoy the lovely springtime of Korea is the various exciting festivals that many locals and tourists alike is looking forward to each year. One of these popular festivals, actually the biggest and most-visited every spring, is the Jinhae Gunhangje Cherry Blossom Festival 진해군항제 which continues to attract millions of people just to see and laze around the thousands of sweet-scented blossoming Korean cherry trees. It’s held in Changwon in the historical province of Gyeongsangnam-do.

Crowds of people enjoy the cherry trees in blossom at Seokchon Lake.

Moreover, other famous spring festivals take place across the country, as early as the first week of April, which are also well-worthy of a day of travel. There's the Gwangyang Maehwa Festival with its flourishing plum blossoms, the Gurye Sansuyu Festival in which the wide fields of cornelian cherries bloom in hues of yellow under the spring sun, and also the Jeju Cherry Blossom Festival showcasing the pink blossoms of the famed island. Also, the Goryeosan Mountain Festival where the entire mountainsides of island of Ganghwado are filled with newly flowered wild azaleas.

Associated with spring, pink plum blossoms start to showcase their beauty and give off a spring fragrance as lovely as the cherry blossom trees.

The grand Joseon palaces are also considered to be some of the best tourist spots to visit in the spring. Imagine a flourishing cherry blossom tree waving over a pond adorned with carp and lotus flower along with the wooden-made palace. Isn’t it a picturesque landscape to muse to? Not to mention, the butterflies and bees busying themselves collecting some pollen which adds to the spring ambiance.

Koreans in elegant Hanbok poses for a picture at the grand palace of Gyeongbukgung adorned with lovely cherry blossom trees.

With landmarks, the palaces and great mountains show signs of spring, it’s also the best time to go on a family picnic and to pay a visit to some of the best cherry blossom-lined roads in Seoul such as the Hadong Park Simni and the pathways along the Yeojwacheon Stream, including the Yunjung-ro Cherry Blossom Road in Yeouido Hangang Park.

While enjoying the beautiful scenery, good weather and spring festivals, it’s also a must to try some special spring treats, such as rice cakes and punch made with azalea petals while as well taking part in the samjitnal 삼칟날, a custom where the Joseon royalties with the help of the court servants enjoy cooking rice cakes decorated with various edible flowers, as well as making a refreshing punch out of omija seeds, honey and some pine nuts.

Beautiful rice cakes made with azalea petals make us appreciate the sweet taste of spring.

It’s no wonder that spring in Korea is as splendid as the foliage of autumn. No matter which season you choose to visit Korea, all year round your travel experience will be for sure a cherished moment.

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