Cheat Sheet: How to Fill Out the South Korea Visa Application Form

Cheat sheet on how to accurately fill out your South Korea visa application form? Look no further as here's our complete guide to help you answer your set of forms.

Scope of this Cheat Sheet

South Korea Visa Application Form
Important Notes
How to Fill Out the Visa Application Form
     Section 1. Personal Details
     Section 2. Details of Visa Issuance Confirmation
     Section 3. Passport Information
     Section 4. Contact Information
     Section 5. Marital Status Details
     Section 6. Education
     Section 7. Employment
     Section 8. Details of Sponsor
     Section 9. Details of Visit
     Section 10. Funding Details
     Section 11. Assistance with this Form
     Section 12. Declaration

South Korea Visa Application Form

South Korea Visa Application Form

Before we discuss all the sections of the visa application form and how to fill in all the items, download the form first which will redirect you to the Korean Embassy website and then print it out on A4-size paper.

The South Korea visa application form is actually five (5) pages of form segmented into 12 sections which will require the applicant’s personal details, passport information, contact info, marital status details, education, employment; details of sponsor, visit and funding, including declaration and among others.

Besides this cheat sheet, we also have a Comprehensive Application Guide in Securing a Korean Visa for Philippine Passport Holders so you might as well check the how-to guide.

Important Notes

  • Fill out all the items in BLOCK letters and put a check mark on those with multiple options.
  • Do not leave an item blank in your application form. If it's not applicable to you put N/A instead.
  • You can accomplish your application form by hand or computerized. It's really up to you as long as it's presentable and duly accomplished.
  • It's recommended to use a separate sheet of paper if the space provided in your form isn’t enough. Or you can just submit relevant documents instead to support your visa application.
  • A passport-size color photo is needed and to be attached with the visa application form.

How to Fill Out the Visa Application Form

Section 1. Personal Details

This part of the application form only needs your basic information.

Item 1.1
Write your full name as shown in your passport.
Item 1.2
If you have a Chinese name, input it here in Hanja but if you don’t have just indicate N/A.
Item 1.3
Put a check mark on the option that applies to you.
Item 1.4
Indicate your date of birth with the year first, then month and the day.
Items 1.5-1.6
Provide your nationality and country of birth respectively.

Item 1.7
Since we still don’t have an official Identification Card number, just write N/A in the form.
Item 1.8
Mark a check on the option No if you never use other names and then N/A to the other item.
Item 1.9
Check the item that applies to you. If you’re not a citizen of more than one country, put a check mark on the No option. Unless you have a dual citizenship, select Yes and provide the country in which you’re also a citizen of.
One (1) Passport-Size Colored Picture
A studio taken photo within the last six (6) months. Photo must be in color, front view and show neutrality against a white background.

NOTE: Skip the next part ‘For Official Use Only, as the consul in charge will be the one to fill it out as assessment of your visa application.

Section 2. Details of Visa Issuance Confirmation

This section is only for applicants with a Confirmation of Visa Issuance issued in Korea. Fill out the Items 2.1-2.4 and move straight to Section 12.

Section 3. Passport Information

Do note that your passport must be valid for more than six (6) months. If not, renew first your travel document as neither the travel agency nor the Korean Embassy will accept your visa application.

Item 3.1
Check one that applies to you. If you’re not a government employee and a holder of either the Diplomatic or Official passport, just check the option Regular.

Items 3.2-3.6
Write your passport information correctly in these items which include your Passport No., Country of Passport, Place of Issue (Issuing Authority), Date of Issue and Expiry.
Item 3.7
Check mark No if you only have one (1) valid passport and then indicate N/A for the rest of the items.

Section 4. Contact Information

Provide your contact details in this section particularly your Home Address, Mobile/Telephone Number, Email ID, and Emergency Contact Info.

Item 4.1
Write you complete home address. If in case, you’re currently residing in a different address because of work, indicate your residential address here as well.
Items 4.3-4.5
Your cellphone and telephone numbers including your valid email address.
Item 4.6
The Emergency Contact Information can be any of your family, a friend or your workmate. But as much as possible, it should be your immediate family.

Section 5. Marital Status Details

Item 5.1
This applies to applicants who are already married. Mark the applicable item and provide the rest of the information. If you’re single, mark a check on Never married and put N/A to sub items a-f of Item 5.2.

Section 6. Education

This section is where you will provide your education details. Check the option that applies to you for Item 6.1 and provide the other info in the Items 6.2-6.3.

Section 7. Employment

Provide your employment status on this part of the application form.

Items 7.1-7.2
Mark a check on the item that applies to you. For Item 7.2, add more details about your employment including the name of your company/institute/school, its address and contact information.

Section 8. Details of Sponsor

If you have a sponsor that will fund your travel to Korea, input the required details here. Put a check to No if you don’t have a Korean sponsor, a company or an institution sponsoring you and write N/A to sub-items a-e of Item 8.1.

Section 9. Details of Visit

Item 9.1
I know most of you wanted to visit Korea for tourism and leisure so just check mark the option Tourism/Transit. If ever you have a different intent of visit, select the item that applies to you.

Item 9.2
Indicate your intended period of stay in Korea. Do note that it should be the number of days.
Item 9.3
Specify the date you're planning to enter the country. If you will file your visa application today, it should be from this date and within three (3) months as it is also the validity period of the regular visa.

Item 9.4
Input the accommodation and address where you plan to stay in Korea whether it’s a hotel and or a residence of your friend, family and relatives. Be reminded that it isn’t necessary to have a confirmed booking of your accommodation as visa issuance still depends on the embassy's decision. In the first place, booked accommodation is not part of the visa application requirements so just indicate where you plan to stay.
Item 9.5
Your contact number in Korea should be the one you’re currently using or just indicate the contact info of the accommodation where you plan to stay.
Items 9.6-9.7
These items require your travel history in the last 5 years. If you have traveled to Korea recently and to other countries, check the options that apply to you, write the purpose of visit and period of your stay respectively.
Item 9.8
If you are travelling to Korea with your family, indicate all there details in the space provided.

Section 10. Funding Details

Items 10.1-10.2
Write your estimate cost of your travel in USD for Item 10.1. It should cover your total expenses considering your declared period of stay in Korea. On the other hand, if someone and or a company/institution is funding your travel to the country, indicate them in sub-items a-d of Item 10.2.

Section 11. Assistance with the Form

Item 11.1
If someone assisted you in completing your application form, mark check the applicable option and indicate his/her info in the form including the name, date of birth, contact details and relationship to you. If without assistance, just write N/A in them.

Section 12. Declaration

This section needs the date of your application and your signature. If an applicant is below 17 years old, the signature of the parent or legal guardian is desired instead. Again, for visa applicants who are holders of Visa Issuance Confirmation must only fill-out the Sections 1, 2 and 12 of the application form.

Now that you have completed your visa application form, get to know also the other requirements and the step-by-step process on 'How to Apply for a South Korea Visa for Filipinos.'

Sharing is caring so please share this cheat sheet which can help your family, friends and workmates who want to visit Korea soon. If you have other questions and have tips for everyone, input them in the comment thread below and I will do my best to respond back. Gamsahaeyo chingu!

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