Welcome to Annyeong Korya

24 September
Annyeonghaseyo chingu~ Welcome to ‘Annyeong Korya!’ Your guide to everything about [Korea]. Gajaaa, let’s discover Korea beyond kimchi!

Annyeong Korya―Your guide to everything about [Korea].

It’s thanksgiving day in Korea so let me first greet everyone a Happy Chuseok! 추석 잘 지내세요. I am glad to welcome you all here in AK in which it will be a showcase of all things Korea from its delicious food, scenic attractions to pop culture, the society and its wonderful people. I can’t wait to share with you what Korea has to offer all year round besides its distinctly unique seasons.

I will keep my introductory post short so you better be ready to travel around and explore the inviting countryside of Korea. Shall we!?

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